Experience a whole new level of service and quality products in Industrial Packaging with AIP. From Timber Pallets, Cases, Crates and Bulk Bins, trust Australian family-owned and operated AIP to provide solutions for your business that guarantees product protection.

Standard Pallets

Heavy weight Pallet
Recommended Safe Work Load – Max 1800kg
Size – 1165 x 1165mm
Top Boards Thickness – 25mm

Medium weight Pallet(Export available)
Recommended Safe Work Load – Max 1050kg
Size – 1165 x 1165mm
Top Board Thickness – 17mm

Light weight Pallet(Export available)
Recommended Safe Work Load – 500kg
Size – 1165 x 1165mm
Top Board Thickness – 12mm

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Export Pallets

Our experienced team prides itself on manufacturing and providing cost-effective Export Pallets that are ISPM – 15 Certified to A.W.P.C.S, per regulation requirements, meeting the challenges of export transportation.

Standard sizes for timber export pallets include: 1100 x 1100mm & 1140 x 1140mm

Timber is heat-treated for bug and insect infestations.

All our export pallets are individually stamped with an export certification mark.

We can manufacture to any specification required by our customers for exportation requirements.

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Bulk Bins

We manufacture a range of different size bulk bins to suit your requirements. Working in-conjunction with our Corrugated Cardboard manufacturing division, ABBE Corrugated, makes the production of bulk bins and industrial packaging a cost-effective option for your business.

The local manufacturing of the corrugated cardboard at ABBE ensures the consistent, stringent quality checks and processes throughout, before the completion of timber and cardboard components at our AIP facility.

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Produce Bins, Cases & Crates

We manufacture Produce Bins for vegetables, such as potato & onions, including Fruit Bins for apples and citrus.

Export Produce Bins are also available and made to strict export guidelines and are ISPM – 15 Certified.

We can custom manufacture to your specific requirements, including Crates & Crates for industrial & bulk products.

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Cartons & Packaging

AIP in-conjunction with corrugated division and leading packaging manufacturer, ABBE Corrugated will work with you to custom manufacture bespoke packaging to accommodate your product. From the simple, brown corrugated cardboard carton right through to a complex 4-colour die-cut packaging solution, work with our team of packaging experts to create the right packaging solution.

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WE ACHIEVE.Leading, local manufacturer of standard & export timber pallets, cases & crates, bulk bins and cartons.

We understand your business’ protective packaging and transportation requirements. Let us work together!

Standard Timber Pallets

Export Pallets

Bins, Cases & Crates

Produce Bins

Corrugated Cardboard Packaging


Experience a whole new level of service and quality Industrial Packaging products with AIP.

Abbe Industrial Packaging

AIP offers quality products to a diverse range of customers in the following industries:

  • Aerospace & Military
  • Automotive & Allied Industries
  • Building & Construction
  • Clothing & Textiles
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Fresh Produce & Agriculture
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Processed Foods
  • Steel & Sheetmetal
  • Transport & Logistics
About Our Story

Abbe Industrial Packaging are specialist in combining both corrugated cardboard and timber packaging. We manufacture cartons, timber pallets and crates, to safely transport your most valuable items.

Australian-made. Stringent Processes.

Quality Protection guaranteed.

Fast-turnaround& Speed to market.

Your job, regardless of size is always our priority.

Flexibility & Versatility.

Specialists in working closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements, providing the service they depend upon.